“Conversational Terrorism”

I had to chuckle when I saw the header “Conversational Terrorism” – seems a little extreme, but also seems a little more than apt given how some . . . too many? . . . conversations go. You know the ones – the exchanges where you get all flustered and only think of what to say about 6 hours after the conversation is over, the ones where you’re doing a killer presentation and then someone drills in on your font choice, the ones where you spent 186 pages describing the importance of oxygen for life on Earth and someone asks you about water instead. Yeah, we’ve all been there.

Here are some categories of Conversational Terrorism – read up and be wary, friends. The full list with examples is well worth a read.

The Brain Seizure: “What you inferred is not what you implied.”
Lunatic Fringe: “How is that different than classical fascism, then?”
The Salesman Close: “Don’t you care about your own body?”
Nit-picking: “We need to clarify what you mean by ________”
Word Salad: “”In view of the federal budget deficit, civil unrest, and international politics, we need to consider that, notwithstanding the mitigating circumstances, this country has got to get back on its feet. Don’t you agree?”


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