BBC College of Journalism

Just as I’m wrapping up what will be 15 years in university, the internet has pretty much usurp the power of my degrees. Okay, not quite. I’m being a little dramatic (as anyone who has dumped this much of their life into the pursuit of knowledge might be prone to do). But seriously, online learning is astonishing! I have always resisted learning to write code for some odd reasons, but I found myself backed into a corner (that font just HAD to go), I caved and started Googling HTML. And so down that dark road I got.

Then there is the BBC College of Journalism. Only the BBC could say something so sobre about a webpage without any scrap of irony. There you can participate in a discussion on 140 Character Paragraphs or hear from an insider on how social media really has changed the newsroom. Juicy stuff!


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