Waging Peace –

Here’s a hot lead on a documentary for you – it’s called “Waging Peace” and the ever-groovy Burton Buller of Three Way Media/Buller Films  and WACC North America fame is part of the team behind it. From their Facebook page I grabbed the following description:

“A one-hour documentary, Waging Peace: Muslim and Christian Alternatives, scheduled for airing Oct. 23 – Dec. 18 on ABC-TV, (local station discretion, click here for an awesome help in finding when the documentary is on in your area) examines courageous threads of peace quietly being sown around the world. While Christianity and Islam both have warrior-like histories and examples of those who take up the sword in the name of faith, another reality exists. In this time of mistrust and war, some Muslims and Christians are dedicating their lives to the pursuit of peace. In this documentary we examine the streams of peace that flow through both the Christian and Muslim worlds by telling dramatic, challenging stories of Muslims and Christians finding peaceful solutions to conflicts. Efforts to live together peacefully in the future may hinge on efforts such as these.”


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