It’s that time of the year again . . .

You know, when you start looking back, compiling lists, reading year-in-review type things. It’s also the time of the year where you take stock, experience guilt over unfulfilled resolutions, and vow to do better . . . starting in 31 days. Looking forward, looking back.

I’m always amazed at how different my year turns out compared to my expectations of it in January. In January 2011, I never would have imagined that I have new friends in Morgain, Miles, and Anne. I never would have guessed that I’d have a Twitter account or a solid idea for my dissertation, or that I would have ploughed through Cambodia, or had my Japan-earthquake refugee sister on my floor for a month. Life is interesting like that, eh?

If we’re so lamesauce at figuring out what our own lives are going to be like (okay, maybe you’re better at this than me), how can we figure out the juggernaut we call Internet? Well this neat-o page, “What will the Internet look like in 10 years?” came to me via Ali (thanks, Ali!) and has some really great multimedia on where we’re headed.

Let’s revisit this post in a year’s time to see what’s what.


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