How much would you pay for a movie ticket?

So it looks like the push toward 3D films is going to end up costing . . . you. At least that’s this blogger’s prediction. There is no way a movie theatre or Hollywood studio will absorb a $5-10 million expense without asking you to chip in your share.  Sony announced it’s not going to pay for 3D glasses any more and the expectation is that other studios will follow suit. (Read more here).

What are movie prices like in your city? Right here in Toronto, movie, snacks, and a babysitter for the night ends up being a $100 night. And they wonder why people watch stuff illegally online.


One thought on “How much would you pay for a movie ticket?

  1. Going to a movie is getting very expensive. Theatres are looking for more ways to bump ticket prices, such as theatres where you pay more for a pre-assigned seat. Or the new theatres with chairs that shake and move.

    This is all in addition to the whole 3D thing, which I am personally very tired of.

    I am not a fan of all these things when they make going to a movie a major financial commitment.

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