I killed my Facebook account.

Yes. It’s true. I did it. I got to the breaking point with Facebook. I couldn’t take it any more. All the friend requests from people I don’t know, don’t really like, or don’t care to keep in touch with . . . all the inane stuff that I was caring about, feeling like my Facebook profile was a pet Tamagotchi or something that I had to curate or nurture.

I think I’d rather have fewer friendships and get less information, less often. This means that I now am without a LinkedIn, G+, Facebook, or Twitter account. I am still proprietor of three blogs though, a Flickr, and an Etsy shop (which remains sad and neglected because I’d rather knit than play with beads these days).

Who knows? Maybe I’ll be back in a month, but for now I’m going to go outside and work on my tan.  Anyone else feeling over dosed on social media?



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