My first month as a cell phoned person . . .

Meet Leonard. He’s my (slightly not as new, but still pretty new) LG smartphone. I really enjoy having him in my life. And despite my ill-informed predictions, my life and history as I knew it, didn’t end when he came into it. Though it is snowing in Toronto today, it’s already March and we haven’t had much winter. So I’m thinking Leonard will need a new, less rugged sock in the near future.

I sent just under 1300 text messages.

What does this say about me?

PS – I need a good Android app for budgeting/managing household finances . . . I have a feeling my addiction to a certain retail outlet may be more disturbing than I realize.


3 thoughts on “My first month as a cell phoned person . . .

  1. Hey Erin –

    Pretty impressive nos. of text messages. You and Leonard seemingly are getting along famously! Looking forward to Leonard’s New Spring Look! : )


  2. I know! I’m texting like a 14 year old girl! I’ll be interested to see how it levels out and what a typical month will be. I blame Trina mostly. 🙂

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