Reason #312 I’m happy to be off The Facebooks . . .

I saw this headline on MSNBC (why, why do I still look at that website? But that’s another problem for another post . . . ), “Govt agencies, colleges demand applicants’ Facebook passwords” The article attached to it detailed what seems to be a widespread and increasingly normal habit of having coaches be a mandatory, full-access “friend” on Facebook for college, for employers (or prospective employers) to hover over your shoulder while you flip through your Facebook pages, and other equally icky things.

This isn’t just an invasion of privacy, this is like saying, “Yo! Before we offer you this job, I just have to come to your house and root through your sock drawer and talk to three of your ex boyfriends.” or like, “Yo! You maybe have basketball skills that make Kobe Bryant curl into a fetal position and weep for his mommy, but the fact that you like Nine Inch Nails, Indigo Girls, and the Republican Party just doesn’t work for us.” Now I’m not at all advocating that you should get to be all stupid all over the internet without consequences, but as a person who has an impressive appetite for the inane and frivolous, I would feel so sad if someone rejected me for a job based on the volume of LOL cats on my Facebook.

Talk about a heap of NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. I really feel for the people who get caught in these trade-offs between money and privacy. Likely there are hundreds and thousands of poor kids who’ve worked hard to get a athletics scholarship who can’t afford to say “no thanks” to these intrusive policies. Similarly, if you know the anxiety of debt and unemployment and really need work, how can you protest such invasions and sacrifice the chance for a regular paycheque.



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