Who makes the news?

Watch the roundtable here!

The groovy crew at WACC North America pulled off a most excellent round table in Chicago last night. It was a great collaborative effort, with help from  Religion Newswriters’ Association and the University of Missouri’s Center on Religion & the Professions.

We were pleased to have on our panel for the second time  June Nicholson, Director of Graduate Studies and Associate Professor of Communications, Virginian Commonwealth University and our own Sarah Macharia, from WACC Global, outlining the findings of GMMP 2010.

Our working journalist on the panel was award-winning Manya Brachear, Chicago Tribute religion reporter, who has also written for Time, The Dallas Morning News, amongst many important publications.
It was very interesting to hear Elisa Munoz from The International Women’s Media Foundation outline the findings  of her organization’s research, “Global Report on the Status of Women in the News Media” which focused on women journalists and their careers around the world. There was certainly resonance between GMMP and IWMF’s research in the area of women in the newsroom.
Don’t stress if you are drooling with envy and sadness that you missed out on this! Technology to the rescue.

Just click here and watch or listen to the whole thing at your leisure!


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