Build A Radio Station For Peace In Sierra Leone

WACC Global has launched a 30-day giving campaign to support Radio Shalom in Sierra Leone. Take a few minutes to learn about these wonderful people and their wonderful peace-building project. You can give a little or a lot right here.


The radio station wants to broadcast programs promoting peace and reconciliation. Programs will promote care for street children and orphans, campaign for youth employment, and provide information to adults about democratic processes.It will focus especially on encouraging youth to become peace ambassadors in schools and communities.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

Sierra Leone in West Africa is still recovering from a civil war in which the country was devastated, much of its infrastructure destroyed, and some 50,000 lives lost.In a context of deep trauma and distrust, the Council of Churches of Sierras Leone, through its radio station, works to unite the country and to promote peaceful resolution of conflict and good citizenship through awareness-building, problem-solving and interfaith dialogue.

How will this project solve this problem?

Radio Shalom will focus in particular on social issues affecting families and communities, with special programmes highlighting the need to improve the lives of children and young people especially the most vulnerable. Radio Shalom will reach people of all ages and religious beliefs in a series of programs aimed at coming to terms with the country’s traumatic past and working together for solutions to its many problems.

Potential Long Term Impact

Sierra Leone has experienced substantial economic growth in recent years, although poverty and unemployment remain major challenges. Everyone in Sierra Leone wants to avoid a repetition of the conflicts that led to civil war. Radio Shalom can play a key role in building peace from the grassroots up and in helping transform the country.

Project Message

“Communicating a culture of peace is crucial to rebuilding the nation, to fostering resilience and to the process of reconciliation.”
– Mrs. Ebun James-DeKam, General Secretary Council of Churches Sierra Leone


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