hey! watch your digital footprints

I was thinking this morning, as I sailed through Forest Hill on a perfect winter morning, about all things New Years Resolution. And all things Facebook. And all things about how much angst I have about Facebook. It’s a wonder I don’t fall off my bike more often. Then I was thinking about applying the rhetoric of reducing one’s carbon footprint, which certainly has currency, to one’s digital life as well. What if we reduced our digital footprint? What would that look like? What would that feel like? 

This was prompted by two things: 1) I’m researching a paper on pedagogy and the digital divide and it’s come up in multiple places how the iGeneration or Digital Natives or whatever you wanna call kids these days aren’t fully appreciating that what goes online stays online . . . forever and ever amen. The content you flippantly generate as an angsty 16 year old (or angsty 30 year old) is the same content that HR departments will love to ferret out 10 years down the road.  And 2) in the small uproar about Instagram I thought the best comment about it all was, “If you’re concerned about privacy, maybe don’t put everything you do on the internet?” Point well take. 

What would you do to reduce or modify your digital footprint? Cut back on emails and pick up the phone more often? Self-impose guidelines for what you post on Facebook? Any other ideas? Do share!


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