got issuu’s?

so a pretty groovey e-magazine came through my inbox the other day and I just had to figure out how it was done! Turns out my friend was using Issuu – a hype little digital publishing tool that pretty much stops only with the limits of your imagination. Check it out – any other good open source publishing tools out there???




24 Hours . . .

until the start of the much anticipated WACC webinar with the Revs. Samuel Wilson Meshack and Erik Alsgaard. They’re going to speak about “Bridging the Gap: Can a Theology of Communication and Journalism Transform Communications in the Churches?”

Thursday, February 24, 2010 – 12pm to 1pm EST.

Best part about this is that you can show up in your pajamas! Click here to join in.

something to write home about

so, as if the shame of being dumped with a surreptitious click of the mouse isn’t brutal enough, now there’s an app that let’s Facebook users keep tabs (and wagers?) on their friends relationship statuses . . . the tagline for this indispensable service, simply called “Breakup Notifier”?  You like someone. They’re in a relationship. Be the first to know when they’re out of it.



Here’s wishing you a weekend with at least 23 minutes of disconnected, possibly frivolous, totally quiet, downtime – watch Ben Fullerton, in his infinitely cool and calm style, on the importance of designing for solitude!  Click here.

be there or be square

The folks at the World Association for Christian Communication (North America) have pulled together their first bumpin’ webinar of the year.  Don’t miss it!

What are the gaps in church communications today? Who is telling the church’s story in this multi-media world when church communication departments are shrinking? Can the church challenge the media status quo as part of its call to be both evangelical and prophetic? What gives the church the right and the ability to speak to media these days?

Explore these questions and more in WACC North America’s online webinar, “Bridging the Gap: Can a Theology of Communication and Journalism Transform Communications in the Churches?”, to be held on Thursday, February 24, 2011, at 12 noon Eastern.

Presenters Rev. Samuel Wilson Meshack and Rev. Erik Alsgaard will help communications professionals search for the intersections of journalism, communications, and Christianity. The Rev. Meshack, Principal of Gurukul Lutheran Theological College in India, also serves as the Chair of WACC Asia. The Rev. Alsgaard, a United Methodist pastor in Michigan and a member of the WACC North America Executive, has more than 16 years of communication ministry experience in the United States.



WACC North America is one of eight regions of the World Association for Christian Communication (WACC), which  promotes communication for social change. Visit for more information.