well look at what I did

These guys are cheering for me. I know it.

One would think that a 20 something who’s been working in communications for 2 years, 5 months would take less pride in such an e-webcomplishment (yes, I like neologisms). But, nope. Today is a big day. I just shared something with the “Share This” widget and promptly installed it on our bloggy blog.

Do you use these things?

– Erin

Digital Diaspora

I’ve been a Facebooker for 3 years now. Gotta say it’s getting a little dry and boring over there. I’d axe my whole account (though maybe not in the creepy Web 2.0 Suicide way), but I’d totally have to go through a lot of effort to make play-dates with Andrea, see Alex’s new kid (10lbs 6ozs!), or remind myself that some of my acquaintances are as boring as my imagination tells me.

So, I don’t know if I could handle a digital migration. These kids at NYU seem to think they can – and are rather excited about it.

Check out their digital diaspora.

Are you in the mood for an e-migration? Are you totally bored with your Facebook? Wanna be my friend?


may the force be with you

Okay, so holograms have likely gone the way of the technological dodo, but there are some kickin’ 3D toys coming our way, not to forget cloud programming and social tv. Isn’t Social TV an oxymoron? Maybe that’s just me . . .

Check this one out at the Technology Review by MIT on Ten Emerging Technologies . . . are you scared? Thrilled? Thinking their list is way off the mark?

lemme know –

Can I Hear An ‘Amen’ Via Twitter?

So,  back at my desk after RC Congress 2010 in Chicago, sippin’ a joe and thinking about  the lecture ‘o’ wild projections of  Dr. Jeff Cole with the World Internet Project at the USC Annenburg School & Center for the Digital Future.

While they will pry it from my cold, dead hands, Dr. Jeff says the New York Times will be gone in 5 years (at least the paper version). Somehow, Sundays curled up with a coffee and the NYT on an iPad just won’t be the same…I digress…

Dr. Cole, based on his research, issued a challenge to the Churches: since social media is here to stay,  the Church had better at least understand it, if not use it (adapt or die time!)

Now I see this interesting post from secular journalist Erik Sass  on how the great spiritual awakenings we have seen in the U.S. over time (5 so far, #6 in the works…) have always used the latest communication technology. So that means, you guessed it, social media will be at the center of the next great spiritual movement in society. And the Churches will be in keeping with tradition if it uses the latest technology to reach out to spiritual searchers…so get ready to pitch your next camp meeting on Ning or Facebook!

Read more on this, dear bloggites, with Jeff Sass.

– Sheila