High Speed for Low Incomes

Remember the ever-cool OC, Inc from yesterday? Well here’s a snazzy cause they’ve taken on – encouraging the FCC to subsidize high speed internet for low income individuals and families. This is great. It’s nice to see such foresight, acknowledging that we are living in an increasingly digitized world, where dial-up can’t bring about equity in the way that broadband can. I’m sitting here with seven tabs open on ye old Chrome – music, downloads, Gmail, blogging, Facebook, Skype – all purring away without much complaint from my wallet or ISP. Think about the possibilities that get shut down when one has a crappy internet connection – no media, movies, film, music, instructional videos, downloads, PDFs take forever to open, Google books, and on and on.

Read the whole deal here. Anyone else out there working on a similar advocacy issue?


One thought on “High Speed for Low Incomes

  1. OC, Inc was created by Ev Parker as the media advocacy arm of the United Church of Christ. It was a separate legal entity from the OC (Office of Communication). It engaged in litigation and political actions, not permitted to churches as 501(c(3) corporations.

    Ev will be celebrating his 10th birthday on July 28. The actual day is in mid-winter and his family felt a summer date would allow more people to attend.

    Back a few years I was chair of both the OC and OC, Inc.


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